SOAS UNISON branch is the recognised trade union for professional and support staff at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. Our union, UNISON – the Public Service Union is the largest staff union in Higher Education with tens of thousands of members working across UK universities. At SOAS we represent and negotiate on behalf of support and academic-related staff in all Schools, Departments and Professional Services Directorates, including members working in departmental administration, academic services, the library, information systems, facilities and catering.

We negotiate for better pay and conditions for workers at SOAS, alongside our colleagues in SOAS UCU, the local academic union. We fight to ensure all staff are treated with respect and enjoy dignity at work. We push to make SOAS more inclusive for women workers, black and minority ethnic workers, LGBT+ workers, and workers with disabilities. We campaign for a safe and secure workplace for all.We provide advice and representation when members have problems at work, such as harassment, discrimination or bullying. We support members facing disciplinary or capability hearings, sitting alongside them in any formal meetings they are requested to attend. Our free, expert legal team makes sure members are treated fairly at work and receive the rights that they are due.

Your branch

We are a democratic and member-led union branch. All our UNISON workplace representatives and officers are volunteers. We encourage all members to take an active part in the union. We provide funding so members can attend UNISON training courses and conferences.

We are an active and campaigning branch, fighting to make our members voices heard locally and nationally. We are affiliated to several campaigns, and always encourage new activists to get involved. This is how we can build a better future. We oppose the continuing marketisation of the university sector. Our branch believes that another education is possible, one which puts people, the staff and students at our university, before profit.

Anyone can have a problem in the workplace but if you are a member of UNISON, you don’t have to face problems alone. Working together we can look after each other in times of need. When we act and speak together, our employer has to listen. Together we can defend and improve our pay, terms and conditions of employment. Solidarity is strength.

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