Past Event

Climate Strike SOAS UNISON Day of Action

20 September 2019, 1:00 pm
SWLT (Wolfson Lecture), SOAS Paul Webley Wing (Senate House North Block)

Friday 20th September is a global school strike day of action, ahead of the UN Climate Summit in New York. Young people have called on adults to strike with them on this day. This will start a week of action on climate from 20-27th September. The TUC voted unanimously on 11th September for workday campagn action coinciding with global school strike on 20 September.

The consequences of global warming will disproportionally impact the most disadvantaged, literally those least able to weather the storm. Come hear about democratising energy production, transitioning to a zero carbon society, and ensuring local communities are empowered to protect their environment against unsustainable exploitation.

SOAS UNISON is organising a day of action on climate change, including hosting talks by environmentalists, featuring

  • Transition Town Tooting
  • Agamemnon Otero (Repowering London)

Venue: SWLT, SOAS Paul Webley Wing

Time: 1.00 to 2.30 pm