Activist training

When you start getting involved in your UNISON branch in any capacity there are free training courses available to help you carry out your role with confidence and offer the best possible support to members.

Our reps and activists need support and information, help and advice: even more so if you’re new to the role. That is why UNISON provides specific union support for new reps, stewards, activists and branch officers. Greater London Region UNISON offers a range of courses, from getting started as a union representative to developing your branch and building the union.

UNISON courses are friendly and informal. They have been specially designed for adults. Training involves practical activities and working with groups of other UNISON members and activists. You don’t have to listen to long lectures or take exams. They are normally held in convenient central London locations, close by to SOAS.

Training is stimulating and gives you a chance to step back from your job and your activist work to think and learn. Skills development and confidence building are important elements of most UNISON courses. You’ll be surprised at what you learn on a UNISON course!

UNISON pays for the courses and materials for courses. Where there is a charge, it is to your branches – not to you. If you are interested in attending a training course or wish to find out more then contact your Training & Publicity Officer.

Your right to paid time off work for training

Stewards, health and safety reps, union learning reps and branch officers have a right to paid time off for training in their union duties. This also applies to part-time activists and those who take part in online courses.

The Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992 sets out the basic rules governing union reps’ rights to paid time off for union duties. Practical guidance on how the law should apply is laid down in an ACAS code of practice.

If you are experiencing difficulties in obtaining time off for union training, contact your Training & Publicity Officer.