Need help at work?

If you have a problem at work, as a UNISON member you have direct access to workplace stewards and representatives (reps), who are available to support you.

SOAS UNISON reps and stewards are trained to help you deal with most of the problems that arise 
at work. These may include issues on your terms and conditions, sickness absence, health and safety, discrimination, bullying and harassment, grievances or disciplinary processes.

They can offer you advice on workplace issues and help you if you need to raise an issue with management. If you take out a grievance against the School or you’re made ill through your work, they can help represent you. And if you are involved in a disciplinary process or interview they can come along with you to meetings with management.

If you need help at work, then you should first talk to your UNISON workplace steward or rep. If you’re not sure who your local rep is, then contact us and we can point you in the right direction.

When you first contact your steward or rep they will usually sit down with you, talk with you about your problem and discuss possible solutions with you. If they don’t know the answer to your problem, they will speak to another branch officer, such as the Branch Secretary, or may contact specialist staff at UNISON Greater London Region.