National Higher Education Pay Ballot Now Open. Closes 30 October 2019

9 September 2019

Pay in HE hasn’t kept up with the cost of living. The value of our salaries has fallen against inflation by over 20% since 2009. The Joint Higher Education Trade Unions’ 2019 national pay claim is for a modest increase of 3% plus RPI. The employers’ response isn’t good enough. Under their proposals most staff would see an increase of just 1.8% – again, well below inflation. Once more we are in a position where employers simply refuse to make us a meaningful offer unless faced with a credible threat of strike action. UNISON members recently voted to reject the employers’ proposals in the national consultative ballot.

UNISON will now be formally balloting members, asking you to vote YES for strike action to demand an improved pay offer. UNISON doesn’t ask you to vote for industrial action until we have made every effort to negotiate and concluded that strike action is the only way to achieve our goals. The more members who take part in the ballot, and the stronger the YES vote, the sooner employers will make us a serious offer. Ballot papers will be posted to your home from 9 September. The ballot closes 30 October.

If you don’t receive your ballot paper call the national hotline: 0800 0857 857.

Not in UNISON? Join by 22 October to get your vote.