UNISON secures no compulsory redundancies for OPS restructure

1 September 2019

After our members voted YES to strike action against compulsory redundancies, SOAS management have finally agreed to make this commitment. This pledge has secured employ-ment or voluntary severance for all professional services staff, and has meant that currently only two people are still displaced following OPS. Although the Easter break meant many members were unable to participate in the postal vote, an incredible 92.2% voted YES to strike action with a 57.8% turnout in only three weeks. This rapid turnaround time is unprecedented and reflects the uncertainty and frustration that staff have been feeling as a result of this restructure, which has been ‘in progress’ for over two years. However, now that structures have been implemented and recruitment is drawing to a close, it seems chaos still reigns across the School. Many members of staff are being asked to fulfil functions beyond their job descriptions and pay grade, because ‘the person who used to do it has left’, and in order to maintain ‘business as usual’ despite the upheaval. Others have reported being tasked with such a huge volume of work that it is simply unmanageable. SOAS UNISON is committed to supporting all affected staff through-out this restructure. So if you, or any-one you know, is being put under pressure to take on new tasks beyond their job description; or to do higher-grade work for lower-grade pay; or is feeling unsupported in their new role, please get in touch. UNISON can advise on how to gather evidence, talk to your manager, and take up unfair cases. We can also provide members with free legal support and representation if any-thing goes wrong. We need to push back now, or the work will keep piling up!