SOAS UNISON Statement: VOTE YES to Strike Against OPS Redundancies

18 April 2019

Vote YES to strike against compulsory redundancies

By now SOAS UNISON members should have received their UNISON strike ballot.

Why are we balloting to strike?

Since November, UNISON have been negotiating with management over the One Professional Service (OPS) restructure. Throughout this process, SOAS management have failed to listen and failed to compromise. Requested information has been drip-fed over weeks or months, and on many occasions promised information has not been delivered at all.

However our major concern is the potential for compulsory redundancies. SOAS’s refusal to offer firm commitments to no compulsory redundancies is truly worrying. If we stand by watching we may find ourselves in the unprecedented situation of accepting compulsory redundancies for the first time in the living memory of UNISON at SOAS.

SOAS management can do several things to make sure that there are no compulsory redundancies:

1. Reopen the voluntary severance scheme for any members of staff left displaced at the end of the restructure

2. Extend the pay protection period beyond the current two-year offer

3. Provide training opportunities to enable staff to find a role in the new structure.

Ultimately, we are having a strike ballot in order to send a strong message to SOAS management that SOAS staff are angry, we are united and we will not accept compulsory redundancies.

Proposed strike dates

We haven’t got a date yet, but should management fail to mitigate against compulsory redundancies we will be looking to take action at the earliest opportunity to protect our members’ interests and to maximise impact.

We strongly urge all UNISON members to vote in favour of the strike.  

#Strike4SOAS #SaveSOASLibrary